'6060' series 1UF Mountain and
'5900' series T1A Selkirk (7.5" gauge)

After several requests to develop the 6060 series U1f Mountain type 4‐8‐2 locomotive in 1.6 inch scale the search for original drawings and any information and photos were gathered and the serious research began. The deveolment on computer began to take place about 3 years ago. The boiler was designed and went to the boilers branch for their stamp of approval. Next our boiler maker, who is cerified in all jurisdictions of USA and Canada, went to work. All boilers are registered with the National Boiler Bureau in the US and Canada. They are stamped with the NB and S stamp for the US and the CRN # for Canada. All boilers are inspected by the boilers branch during manufacturing stages and are annealed and stress relieved as well as x-rayed before final certification is issued. All boilers are designed and approved for 175 psi operating pressure.

After those details were looked after, design and fitting on computer went into high gear and chips began to fly. All components are carved out of solid stock on CNC 4 axis mill or CNC turning center. A large portion of the components are made from 400 series stainless. Basically, the material not wanted is removed to leave the finished product. 1.593 inches to the foot is used for the actual scale for 7.5 inch gauge track.

We are very fortunate to have the actual locomotive 6060 only about 50 miles away. It is operated by the Rocky Mountain Rail Society on a tourist excursion here in central Alberta. Details can be obtained on www.6060.org. I also have the great honuor of developing an on-going friendship with Harry Home, the chief engineer, and many members of the society. They also obtain use of my knowledge gained from research for consulting on restoration work and repairs. This, of course, is a win-win situation for everyone. I have taken thousands of detailed pictures of this locomotive for this project.

The 5900 series T1a Selkerk (Texas Type) 2‐10‐4 is the result of the vey same process that the Mountain came to be. Both projects provide me with the challenge I enjoy to continue my passion for this industry.

Currently there is only one of each of these locomotives left available for sale. Follow the build series prosess with periodic photos when I actually do break away, turn off the equipment and take some photos to send to my web master for posting.

This is how this locomotive is built on computer to check how parts fit. A lot of interferences are discovered here in a 3d drawing. Click here for full-sized image.

Journal boxes (front and rear have Alco lateral device. Pedestal liners have wedge shoe for adjustment).

Crossheads and slides, all stainless with bronze shoes. These will be pressure lubricated.

Main drivers.

Support members.

Pedestal binders.

Spring hangers and equalizer pivot pins.

Brake beams and linkages.

Front truck centering mechanism.

Journal boxes, with and without Alco devices.

Hub liners and pedestal liners showing the wedge ajustable liner as on the prototype.

A view with the smoke box.

Crossheads and support structure.

Click here for full-sized image.

A lot of dollars in a small area. These boilers are for the Mountain and T1a Selkirk 2-10-4. The little guy is a 1.6" scale heavy Mikado boiler.

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