New West Integrated Technology Ltd was founded in 1989 by Ernie Beskowiney and quickly earned a reputation for producing outstanding work.

Ernie has always been labelled a perfectionist by those who critically view his work and this is clearly demonstrated by his phenomenal track record in antique car restoration. For example, a 1915 Model T Ford Gentlemen's Speedster which he restored, sold at auction for $35,000, a record which still stands today. His total ground-up restoration of a 1954 Cadillac Eldorado convertible was judged Grand National Champion at the CLC National in 2000, and his ground-up restoration of a 1931 Cadillac V12 Sport Phaeton was Grand National Champion at the CLC National in 2002 and was also awarded 100 points by the Classic Car Club of America in 2003. Both cars were featured in the Cadillac LaSalle calendar, in 2002 and 2004 respectively.

Ernie comes from a background as an instructor in technical education. He is an inventor with unique skills in problem solving and a passion for model engineering, with live steam at the forefront. With over 30 years of precision machining experience, his life-long dream was to turn that passion for manufacturing high quality models into a business, and after receiving a great deal of encouragement from those that admired his work, New West Integrated Technology was born.

Ernie now operates New West Integrated Technology from his purpose built, 6,000 sq ft workshop in Benalto, Alberta. The fully equipped facility includes a CNC milling machine, CNC turning centre, manual lathes and mills, a woodworking area with an in-floor dust collection system, a full-size down draft paint bay, complete welding facilities, sheet-metal equipment and work and assembly areas.

New West's mission is to provide a service to anyone who would like to own and operate their own steam locomotive, traction engine or stationary engine but who doesn't have the time or resources to build it themselves. So many enthusiasts start a project but later find they're unable to complete it, either because of lack of time or the skills or equipment required to produce some of the more complex parts. As a result, years can go by and the project becomes neglected and the interest is lost. The problem is understandable with the high cost of the machining equipment and the steep learning curve required to achieve the best results from it.

New West Live Steam offers a service to overcome these difficulties. Entire projects can be built from your plans and to your specifications, or just the parts that you need assistance with. Contact Ernie for a quote, and let New West Live Steam help make your dream come true.

After the trip to deliver 5404 to Bill in Florida I decided I needed to design a rig to carry the precious cargo that takes countless hours to build.

We spent July and August last year designing and building. It came out fantastic with the capability of carrying 2 big engines in the side drawers and an elevator in the upper cargo area to carry 2 levels of 4 cars or tenders each.

We named the unit Training Wheels.


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