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I met Ernie July 2006 at the Train Mountain Meet.  When I saw the 5400 for the first time, I was in awe.  It looked like a museum piece and looked like it was made like a Rolex watch.  For the next several days, I asked a lot of questions of Ernie as I knew nothing about Steam.  I was working with another manufacturer who was going to build me a steam engine, battery powered.  Yes, a lot of my friends laughed at me about that.  I was somewhat interested in purchasing an engine like 5400.  As the week went on, Ernie and I talked about taking the 5400 for the maiden run.  I asked Mike Venezia of Little Engines and Chuck Hackett if they would join us and give me their valued opinions.  Mike decided that he wanted to run the train.

After running the train for 1-1/2 hours, Mike Venezia whispered to me that if he had the money, he would buy it on the spot, and Chuck thought it was a beautiful engine.  That convinced me.

Two weeks after I got home, Ernie called me and we struck a deal.  Because I was so naive, he said he would deliver it in February and join us in the Florida Live Steamer rally for two weeks.

He asked for a reasonable down payment and assured me he would be able to meet the deadline.  (I heard this so many times from other vendors, I thought it was a joke).  As the months went by when Ernie and I spoke, he assured me he would meet the date.

February 1, he sent me pictures and said that the engine was complete and he would be on his way within 10 days.  I was still a little bit doubtful, but sure enough Ernie did show up as promised three days before the meet began.

The engine was better than I imagined.  In my opinion the 5404 was nicer in appearance than the 5400.  Ernie helped me mount some material in my trailer so that the train would run securely without strapping.  Then we took it to Largo, and after one day of his adjusting and riding the train for one day, it was time to teach me to run the train.

Ernie spent the next 6 days teaching me everything he knew about the 5404, and he wanted to be certain before he left town that I would be comfortable with running it and steaming it.

Although it was a tough 6 days of class, I am able to transport, steam and run the train by myself.  I no longer think of Ernie as a merchant, but consider him and his wife friends.

We made him an honorary member in our club in Pasco County, FL.  Unlike anyone else I dealt with in the train industry, he did exactly what he said he would and when he said he would.  In fact, he went overboard.  The 5404 is a beautiful piece of art that I should enjoy for many years to come.

If you have any questions, please either call or email me.


Bill Donati

I have known Ernie for a number of years and cannot tell you how impressed I am with his creativity and dedication to perfection.  Ernie is one of those rare people who can quickly understand what you want and then can translate that into reality.

I have watched him take a 1931 Cadillac from pieces to one of the most outstanding pieces of automotive works in North America.  As well, the construction of my fully computerized model railroads and the construction of his own steam locomotive have been true works of art.  His attention to detail and quality control is unbelievable, and if it is not perfect, he does it again.

Ernie can take a request or problem in stride and does not accept the words no or can’t and works until he finds the solution.  If you want a mediocre job, don’t ask Ernie.  That is not what he wants to achieve.

The skill and workmanship is truly unbelievable.  I have never met a more capable or reliable individual than Ernie, and it is my honour and privilege to recommend his work to anyone who wants a five-star job.

If I can provide any further information, feel free to contact me.

Bob Mills
Member of Parliament for Red Deer, Alberta

I have known Ernie for almost ten years and consider him not only a good friend but a most intelligent individual.

When I first met Ernie, it was to see if he was interested in restoring my 1954 Cadillac. He said that he would only if he could do a #1 job, which was what I wanted. He was right, it was done to perfection. Since the 54 Cadillac, he has done my 1931 Cadillac V12, which was done even better and was more difficult. It was in fact, judged 100 points at the Classic Car Club of America, “Now that’s perfection”. The best is none to good for Ernie.

Over the years I have seen Ernie design and manufacture many pieces of equipment with precision that is just about impossible to imagine, whether it be made out of metal, wood, plastic etc.

Ernie is a reliable person who won’t do a job that is not done to perfection and with a whole lot of pride.

If you want a job done at 100%, get Ernie. If you want less than perfection, go somewhere else.

I would recommend Ernie to anyone and will back this letter upon anyone who would contact me.

Lyle Reiswig

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